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A Hot Date With Sexy Redhead Lily Raine

Bra-less redhaired vixen Lily Raine wants to know if she's showing too much boobage. She asks Nicky Rebel because they have a date and she likes to please. Maybe a prude would ask Lily to wear a bra and a top that covers up her heavy tits but Nicky ain't that guy. They'll never get to the restaurant because as soon he sees lovely Lily and her fuckable knockers, he loses his mind. He'd rather suck on her nipples and she'd rather suck on his beef than suck down cocktails. Nicky loses more of his mind when he watches how Lily takes all of his engorged cock down her throat. He tastes her wet pussy, finger-bangs her and has her sit on his engorged cock. He'll be pounding her big, soft knockers again, but first he wants to take Lily from behind, her favorite position. Lily's fantasy is "Having sex in front of an audience ... so making porn is perfect for me! I'm also very into vampires, but that's unfortunately just a fantasy!" As far as what Lily likes to do during a date out of the bedroom, she tells us, "Nothing extravagant. I just like spending quality time together. Picnics and museum dates are definitely some of my favorites but I'm just happy to be with my person."

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9,017 3 months ago

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