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Gia Costello: Hot MILF’s Healing Hands

Sean Lawless is in bed with a leg cramp so when Ms. Hot Stuff Gia Costello in her tight yoga pants drops by to pick him up for their gym workout, Sean has to beg off. But one look at Gia's huge knockers in her tight top hovering over him and he's ready to beat off. Gia offers to massage his leg to see if that'll get him up and at 'em. He accepts the offer. Who would not? Gia begins her hands-on treatment and that raises Sean's tent-pole. The therapeutic touch of soft feminine hands is the best medicine. Even though Gia offered to rub his leg, not rub the cum out of his balls, she heads south on Sean and gives him the best deep-throat, sloppy blow job anyone could ever get. His leg is starting to feel better too from her expert lip-lock on the engorged shaft. Gia speeds up her titillating therapy by getting on top of Sean and pounding him hard like an angel of mercy. The power of the hot juicy pussy cures Sean and he is now able to blast Gia's ravishing rack with a shower of semen. He can walk again! Now they can shower and get over to the gym...unless they want to go another round.

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