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Inside Natasha Sweet’s Bedroom

Natasha Sweet is one of the women at TSG world who embody the word "voluptuous." Everything she does heats up a room to sauna levels and this scene of Natasha in the bedroom of an apartment is a perfect example. The size and shape of her enormous breasts and her overall sexiness never fails to freeze guys in their tracks. As we've mentioned before, Natasha is not the kind of woman who is hurting for male companionship. All she needs to do is crook her lovely finger any time she wants it. Even so, there are those times when she's home alone and horny and feels the urge to cum. It's a pleasure when Miss Sweet is our guest for another series of shoots. She always has a different hairstyle every trip. Sometimes brunette, sometimes blonde, Natasha always surprises us in an excellent way.

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5,393 6 months ago

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