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Mary Brown: Masturbation Can Be a Girl’s Best Friend

It's a quiet afternoon and lovely Mary Brown has a free day with no plans. The murky weather isn't cooperating, either. Mary is bored being stuck in her apartment. Reading doesn't satisfy her. When this happens to girls, our advice is for them to get undressed and play with their tits and pussies. Mary gets naked and masturbates on the floor in her living room. She says she doesn't rub one out that often. She doesn't have sex as often as she would like to. When she does play with herself, she fantasizes about wild sex. This thick honey boasting massive, heavy breasts enjoys having her neck and earlobes kissed as a prelude to getting a tongue in her juicy pussy. Mary has also experimented with girls. She said her pool play with Molly Evans sent chills through her body. "I try to liberate myself in the sphere of intimacy," Mary said about her sexual experiences with girls.

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515 3 months ago

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