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Put Your Red Dress On Tonight

What special talent does Sarah Rae possess? You should know by now if you've been a member of XLGirls for any decent length of time. It's self-sucking, which is a rare talent, since having big tits doesn't mean a girl can suck them. Many can't get their nipples up to their mouths. "I can suck on my nipples for an infinite amount of time," says Sarah, looking sexy in a red dress and heels. "I just like to put my tits in my mouth." Now that's a habit that's a lot better and healthier than smoking cigarettes. Sarah is not much into sucking other girls' tits. She prefers her own nipples. Now and then we'll ask a model in an interview if she finds herself subconsciously touching her tits when she's watching TV. Many of them do. Sarah might take this a step further and suck on her nipples while she's watching one of her favorite TV shows. How often did Sarah practice getting both nipples in her mouth (as she does at 3:21 into this video)? "I tried almost every day for about a year." Did Sarah use a mirror as a training tool? "I didn't really use a mirror. I practiced a lot on webcam, I get to see a preview of myself while I stream so I guess it's kind of like a mirror. The first time I actually got it was on webcam. The person I was chatting with was super-awesome and took a screenshot of it for me."

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