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Slippery Mirror Fun

Kamille Amora finds a very creative way to use a mirror and reflect her heavenly hooters in "Slippery Mirror Fun." The voluptuous vixen has a bosomy and curvy body that's a work of art to sculptors, painters and breast-men. The kind of big breasts and bodacious booty that boob-drunk poets pen their poetry of passion about. An exotic dancer, rap song writer, singer and former cheerleader, Kamille has boob-fan radar. "I can always tell who the boob guys are because they get closer to the stage. The main attraction when I'm dancing is motor-boating. I'll just put my boobs in your face and shake them and motorboat you. I love to do that. It's a lot of fun." A down-to-earth girl, Kamille likes to go on your basic kind of date. Nothing fancy. "I'm pretty simple when it comes down to it. Dinner and a movie are fine. Although I do want to try bungee jumping one day."

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9,235 4 months ago

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