The Big Bust

Dixie Devereaux doesn’t really need a club, gun or a Taser. She has two 36F cannons concealed in her uniform and she’ll use them any chance she gets.

She treats this miscreant to her special brand of rehabilitation with her nipples, tongue and tight, wet wet punani. The perp is not screaming brutality. He found Dixie’s secret buttons.

Dixie learns that once the cock is hard for action, it soon takes over and the cop becomes the prisoner. It’s in the penal code.

Dixie revealed something about herself that shocked even us.

“I didn’t give my first blow job until I was 25. I didn’t like the way a schlong looked. I didn’t want to suck it. But then I started liking it. I got really good at it, and guys are now like, ‘Fucking aye!’ There was a space in time when I was having sex but not giving head and some guys were like, ‘Screw you!’ while other guys were like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine, whatever.’ But once I started doing it, I started loving it. Now I’m great at it.”

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