Too Cute, Too Cuddly

An XLGirls‘ photographer wants to play a word game with CJ Woods before she gets banged by JMac. This is not so easy. CJ is a southern gal on the shy side and using words like twat and cock and different words for cans makes her all giggly, smiley and bashful. But doing the deed while we watch is a different story.

The horny side comes out when JMac shows up and goes straight for CJ’s big tits, squeezing her nipples and sucking and rubbing her tits. CJ kneels on the bed, holds his balls in her palm and sucks his rod. He tells her to turn over and get flat on her back. This way he can feed her his cock while he plays with her splayed tits.

CJ’s big southern jugs beg to have a cock between them. JMac fucks them fast and hard, squeezing her cans together and bringing the tip of his cock to her mouth so she can suck it.

Now it’s time to get inside CJ. She peels off her panties and opens her legs. JMac shoves his cock between her twat lips and gives it to her good. The squishing sounds of cock pumping twat fill the room. They try different fucking positions, sandwiching in more cock sucking as they move around.

For their last bang, JMac puts CJ in an upside-down piledriver position, her bum propped on the bed, her head on the floor. CJ sports a big smile as he drills her hard and deep. CJ may be shy chatting about big cock with the photographer but she loves getting banged by one.

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