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Wake-up Sex With Natasha Sweet

The lovely and talented Natasha Sweet wakes up nude under her bed sheet. She smiles as she calls out for Jason to come see her in the bedroom. Natasha's had a horny dream, and now she's craving sex and a couple of orgasms to start her day. Jason comes behind Natasha to play with her soft, huge boobs. His hands are overflowing with her heavy breast flesh as he jiggles and squeezes them. Natasha watches with approval when he buries his face between her hooter hills and sucks on her nipples like a baby. Natasha joins in and licks a nipple too. Natasha reaches around and takes his hard erect cock in her hand and strokes it. He buries his boner between her tits, the first of many times he will tit-fuck Natasha. She rubs his giant dick on her breast and sucks the tip of his erect cock at the same time. Natasha gets on her back and squeezes his giant dick between her mams. They move her boobs back and forth very fast, and when she squeezes his giant dick in her hand, he squeezes her magnificent, floppy boobs, sinking his fingers into them. He may not have realized it at the moment but everyone watching this pairing wishes they could change places with him. He buries his giant dick inside Natasha's tight, hot fuckable juicy pussy within minutes of entering the room. She has that effect on guys. Natasha Sweet is really one of a kind and a quintessential XL Girl.

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